Wii patch update for PAL regions

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    The next patch update for your Wii when you go online, which converts your console from version 2.0 to 2.1. The patch is indicated to be meant for PAL Wiis, meaning it will affect guys over in Europe and Australia (to name a few).

    And while Nintendo had yet to say what the updates do, one blogger over at GoNintendo noticed these two specific tweaks to his system:

    * The weather channel says that it needs connect 24/7 after I only disabled ’standby internet’.
    * The video output stays on with RGB cables in ‘orange mode’. This means that any other signal on de video channel(s) on the TV are suppressed.

    On a further note, we advise the concerned owners to keep a lookout for Virtual Console and Wii Channels - as these might experience further changes. Hopefully, it might make for more accurate forecasting...

    Void update if you are looking forward to crack wii..
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