Wii not reading disk Drive replacement Errors....

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    Hello, and well i dont know anything about software so im asking for some help on here.

    Whats wrong?
    Well a while ago, my brother played with my wii non stop all day for 2 days straight, about 40 of the 48 hours of those days. The next day i wanted to place something, so i put in Mario kart wii, the wii made this weird noise and didnt read the game, i was like umm, lets try a legit game, and it didnt work, then i tried GC games and that didnt work either. So i said to my self, "Ï need a new drive"

    So the next week week i bought a broken wi off ebay, it said that the wii froze when turned on so i got it for $30.

    Ok so i was replacing the drives, then i had everything done. So i put in a disk to test if it would read the disk. And well it wouldnt suck the disks in, i was like hmm what could be wrong... I thought at first that my wii was messed up but then i replace the drives again and put in my original one and everything was fine.

    Well what im asking is what could be wrong on the drive that doesnt suck in my disks? And my second question is what could be wrong on the drive that gives me the read disk problem ? Well i hope you help, thanks!
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    Dec 1, 2010
    First off I would say a broken wii for 30$ is good find. It most likely been dropped and it broke the bluetooth module. so your could try that to fix your 2nd wii.

    If i had a broken wii drive I would go for a sundriver they are 20$ over at divineo...