Wii not reading anydiscs. Wiikey V1, tried recovery disc. HB Channel I

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    Wii not reading anydiscs. Wiikey V1, tried recovery disc. HB Channel Installed, downgradeable 4.0
    Wii not reading any disc in drive, tried everythin please help.
    My wii doesn't read any discs any more. I have a wiikey v1, with Homebrew Channel, and a downgradable 4.0. Bootmii has been installed aswell. I have tried the Wiikey recovery disc along with the updates. Backups and originals are unplayable on the disc channel, and any other disc loaders. Everytime the wii attempts to load the disc it clicks once, followed by three soft clicks, when in the disc channel it displays cannot read disc, with the question mark. The lens might be worn out but not dirty, I have ised the official lens cleaner. Can anybody please help?

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    Sounds like your lens are dying. If you used the official lens cleaner and it did not work at all, your next bet is to order some lens online and replace it yourself. Or live only using USB Loader.
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    Ok first you make a topic in the wrong section (a blog) and now you used a news posting robot?
    And yeah its probably the lens.
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    Thanks. Still if anyone has any other suggestions that would be great.

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