wii not powering correctly

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    I'm hoping someone may have had a similar issue or maybe an idea of where to start to fix this issue. I've been slightly out of the loop for awhile on wii hardware issues cause I've had no trouble since I bought the wii on debut day but has anyone heard of the issues I'm having, the only symptom I had was playing resident evil for about 4 hours when it froze with weird colors and then wouldn't reboot. I unplugged it for a few mins and then it worked fine for a few days and now this morning it doesn't boot any more. the unit powers and turns green when power is pressed but nothing comes on screen and the wiimotes don't connect at all. the system's drive is running because disks go in and out but the wiimotes not connecting makes me think the board my have blown. any ideas?
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    do you have a chip installed, or is this a virgin Wii?