Wii, Neogamma and USB Loaders

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    So, I've got my Wii hacked and it can play games fine via DVDs. I figure since I manage to get DVD-Rs for cheap (from my many sources) and seeing as how there are a small amount of titles I want to play, I've never delved into the USB Loader side of things.

    And now I'm helping out a friend hack their Wii, but it seems like their Wii is one of those new-fandangled ones with the DVD readers incapable of reading burnt copies. The USB Loader is the only way to go, so to test out how to utilise USB Loaders onto their Wii, I've tried doing it to my own one. Turns out, it takes a little more effort. [​IMG]

    Before I ask a few questions, my situation is as so (as is my friend's):
    - Neogamma R8 Beta 15 (RC3), with Rev19
    - I'm not sure which IOSes or CIOSes I've installed, but if it helps, I followed the sticky in this sub-forum (the "Modify ANY Wii 4.2 & Below" thread)
    - Right now, I'm using a WBFS formatted hard drive, although I've formatted it and loaded ISOs on it using "WBFSManager" (a program not mentioned in the guide).
    ~ Just a reiteration, in case it counts for anything: My friend's Wii is a newer model, which they bought a week or two ago. It came with firmware 4.0E, in which I updated to 4.2E using the GBAtemp guide.

    As for the questions:
    - I see that there are newer versions of Neogamma. Although, with a simple Google search, I read that USB Loader GX is better for USB loaded games. Any suggestions? Should I just forego USB Loader GX for the later versions of Neogamma? Are they the same thing? [​IMG]
    - Just to confirm: The USB loaders detect the USB port closest to the edge of the Wii, yes?
    - At the moment, I'm trying the USB loaders out on a hard drive that has two partitions: One FAT (just for general files) and one WBFS (which was previously NTFS in case I needed to move larger files). Is having two partitions the reason why it isn't mounting on Neogamma?

    Cheers for your time, and thanks in advance! [​IMG]

    UPDATE: Woops, seems like I posted this a bit too fast. USB Loader works a treat. Sorry for adding an unnecessary thread! [​IMG] The mods may kindly close this thread. [​IMG]
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    neogamma is perfectly capable of loading usb games. USBLoaderGX adds a fancy GUI and installation menu and whatnot. other loaders are also available, like CFG USB, with many of the same features as GX, plus a fully customizable UI.

    USB loaders use the port near the edge, yes. the one that would be on the bottom if your wii is laying flat.

    The other question I'm not sure about, I've just been using an 8gb thumb drive so far.