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  1. luke_c

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    Jun 16, 2008
    Wii Mod v2.6
    This tool lets you install IOSs, channels, system menus and much more. See the feature list below for some of the features included and the changelog below for details on what's new in this update.[/p]

    Pretty comparable to Dop Mii v15, MMM v13.4, Wad Manager v1.7, Anytitle Deleter DB, bluedump and NUSD.
    Can find missing IOSs that are needed for installed WiiWare.
    Shows clean IOSs at a glance.
    Interface helps you find and fix problems.
    Added Any Region Changer
    Added Any Title Manager( extractor and deleter )
    Added App launcher
    Warns you if you try to Install a system menu without the required IOS
    Warns you not to delete the system menu IOS
    Warns you not to delete the IOS used by the Homebrew Channel
    Hold D-PAD for continuous scrolling
    Supports AHBPROT in all areas, if in AHBPROT mode it won't check IOSs unless you manually do it from the menu as that looses AHBPROT mode.
    This app no longer needs a patched IOS, it can do everything in AHBPROT mode however, if you check the IOSs you will reload the IOS and will loose AHBPROT mode. After that you need fake sign to patch an IOS, install channels, install system menu and in wad manager, and you need Nand permissions to delete an IOS or remove stubbed IOSs
    • Added 2 config options to skip checking certain IOSs:
    • skipios for skipping a number and skiphash for skipping a specific hash
    • Anytitle Manager will now mark channels that were likely moved to SD
    • Added Errors and Warnings to the csv
    • Anytitle Manager now shows at a glance titles that don't match your Wiis region(This is normal for custom titles ex:Forwarders)
    • Now compatible with cboot2
    • Now compatible with sneek/uneek(AHBPROT doesn't work)
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Thread Status:
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