Wii Midia v0.1 alpha

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    After months of coding and porting and ripping and rewriting Wii Miidia as I like to call it is about to be released into the wild. I have a few people beta testing it now and helping me work out some bugs. Wii Miidia is something that many people I hope will enjoy as I put alot of time and effort into this project.

    Wii Miidia as you can guess is a Media Center for the Nintendo Wii based off of XBMC. Since the Wii comes with it's own Weather Channel I had decided to strip the weather functions from Wii Miidia. There are still a few bugs that I am trying to work out but one of the best features this offers in my opinion is the ability to listen to Shoutcast Radio on the Wii. Right now this only supports streaming files and files stored on the SD Card, however since there is recent developments by SVPE I hope to be able to include USB Storage devices as well in the future.

    Video Support:
    MPEG, MPEG2, MPEG4, DIVX, XVID, MOV, WMV, VOB and more.

    Audio Support:
    AAC, MP3, WMA, WAV, OGG, MID and more.

    Controls Are:

    A = Play
    B = Pause/Resume
    - = Previous Song/Chapter
    + = Next Song/Chapter
    Dpad Left = Rewind
    Dpad Right = Fast Forward
    Dpad Up = Change Aspect Ratio (NTSC/PAL/Wide/Standard)
    Dpad Up + B = Zoom In
    Dpad Down = Change Visual in Audio mode / Change Subtitle in DVD Mode
    Dpad Down + B = Zoom Out
    Home = Settings Menu
    1 = Return to Main Menu
    2 = Return Previous Menu
    Power = Shutdown Wii

    Wii Miidia will at first be released as .elf and will need to be ran via TP Hack, Homebrew Channel or any other way you like to load your ELF files, However the final version will come in .elf and as a channel for those who would like easy access to the application. Well that is all for right now I hope to have this cleaned up and released for everyone in the next few days. I would like to also thank bushing for all of his hard work as well as the rest of the guys from #wiidev and Wiibrew.org without them I never would have been able to get this done.

    Source : http://www.console-scene.info/forums/wii-h...v0-1-alpha.html

    This looks interesting [​IMG]
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    opps sorry did do a search. must have been searching in the wrong place or time lol...

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    Well i missed the previous post, don't know know what section it is in. But this is GREAT!! news.
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    oh man if it supports samba, it just made everything way easy