Wii Mailbox Brick (rare) problem and possible solution?

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    Dec 15, 2008
    Wii: Hardmodded (Wiikey) Launch Wii with Homebrew Chan/Bootmii installed, on 4.3u (updated via Wanin's safe updater utility and reinstalled recently after getting this constant lockup). CIOSXv21 and Hermesv4 have also been installed for USB booting since my Optical drive is getting old.

    So here's the problem with my Wii. Booting regularly causes my Wii to freeze with that annoying buzzing sound a few seconds after boot. Specifically, the system menu does load correctly, content is displayed, but it freezes like 5 seconds after it loads. I can, however, boot in maintenance mode without issues... So, I believe I am exhibiting the mailbox brick in this case, because I can boot in maintenance mode. I would like to fix this, without formatting obviously. I have not received any mail content in a very long time (from my voting channels, wii friends, updates, etc) so I can pretty much say with certainty this is the problem.

    Thing is, the mailbox fix doesn't fix the problem for me - my wii still freezes with that annoying buzz a few seconds after booting. And I have a theory as to why. In my shared2/wc24 folder there is one file that is not accounted for in that pack. "DLCNT.BIN", which according to my WiiBrew link is a temporary file that is supposed to be written to the mailbox then deleted. It is still there, and there is nothing in that fix-pack that addresses or overwrites it.

    How can I delete this file? I theorize that if I can delete this file via some kinda file browser (the included one does not have a delete function, just overwrite) that my Wii might work.

    Any ideas?
    Link: http://wiibrew.org/wiki//shared2/wc24/dlcnt.bin

    (I know there are some versions of the comex nand formatter that remove specific things, and keep miis/saves/channels/etc but I don't even know where to start in that regard. Especially since I've heard the comex utility installs everything in the WAD folder of the SD, which could lead to issues).

    If anyone can help, I would appreciate it. I would like to avoid having to reinstall everything if it's at all possible, and deleting that one file may make it so. Thank you.

    [Sidenote: I have a retail Metroid Other M that always freezes with the same loud buzzing noise at a cutscene where there are a bunch of guys talking around a computer/keyboard, after having to walk slowly up a set of stairs. I have tried cleaning the lens, exchanging the retail disc for another and loading the ISO via USB, and even burning a backup to a DL disc. All with the exact same result. I have no idea if this is related to the mailbox brick but I figure it may be relevant to someone. If it isn't related but anyone knows the fix to that, please do let me know]