Hacking Wii locks up when idle


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Sep 14, 2021
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I'm not sure where this ask for help was most appropriate to post in the forums.

I have a Wii that I hacked with letter bomb years ago (not long after the Wii first came out and Homebrew was available for it).

I've noticed for some time (and have been too busy otherwise to address it) that when running stuff off the usb loader (Wiiflow, with external HD) everything initially works flawlessly. However, if the system is running for a period of time (I still dont know exactly how long) that the system hard freezes (requires I manually press and hold the power until it kills the system off). Starting back up and a few times the contents of the HD have been completely corrupted, and I had to restore the installation. It generally happens when an emulated game is paused for some time (but not always), Most recently it happened first with an emulated NES game that was paused. It restarted well enough, then happened again mid-game!

I seem to recall (some time ago) that this was a known bug with a known fix... but I can't find it anymore.

Does anyone know of the issue I am referring to? Know of a fix? Know what I can do to troubleshoot the cause? Should this thread be placed/posted somewhere else on the forum?
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