Wii laser problems.

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Sep 8, 2010

Wii laser problems. by Griffinith at 10:04 AM (826 Views / 0 Likes) 1 replies

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    Sep 8, 2010
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    Hey guys, I have an interesting problem for you I hope you can figure out for me.
    I've had my wii for about 6 months, it's been collecting a little dust for about 1 month. Anyways, I went to get back into it yesterday to find out only one of my game discs will read. Even so it eventually poops out on me (after about 20-30 minutes). I've tried cleaning the lens, tweaking the laser, and generally looking everything over to make sure all the connections are solid. After many attempts and several hours of tinkering with this previously working system, I'm stuck. I'm out of ideas and I have been searching all over for at least one explanation for why a system that was working fine a month ago suddenly isn't working nearly as well.

    The laser isn't making any clicking noises, the disc is spinning just fine, and I'm baffled.
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    Send it back to "N"...!! [​IMG]

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