Wii ISO's in Mastsplitter format.

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    Jul 5, 2005
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    Hi all,

    have any of you come across wii ISO's compressed with mastersplitter (in the .001, .002 etc format). So far I have come across 2 releases in this format and I have been unable to burn them. I download all the nesessary files to rebuild the archive (checked it with quickpar) but when it has finished extratcing the resulting file has no file extention. I didnt think would be too much of an issue as I thought it would either be .wii or .iso BUT this does not seem to be the case and the file does not work with either extention (unscramble or burning). I have noticed that the file extracted is a tad smaller than others I have used and is about 4.16gb in size - anyone else come across this problem or have any idea what to do?

    And pleeeeeeaaaaaasssseeeee mastersplitter is poo. lets not use it if possible. [​IMG]

    Thanks in advance

  2. ejp

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    Nov 4, 2006
    run the whole lot through quickpar and then open the .001 file with winrar and extract the contents - the extracted file should be what you expect.
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    Nov 21, 2005
    Extract it with Winrar! [​IMG] Open the first one, and drag the file to your folder.
    Ah, ejp beat me too it! [​IMG]
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    Jun 25, 2005
    Lol, these releases are not mastersplitted!
    That's why it's not working out for you!
    They are simply renamed Rars! Simply open the .001 file with winrar and choose extract, winrar will use the subsequent files by itself!

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