Wii homebrew channel -> how to play Gamecube backups?

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    Apr 25, 2015
    Hello everyone. First I want to say sorry if this is not the right place or there are other similar threads but I've been trying to do this for such a long time and every time I can't succeed.
    So I'm trying to get the Ageto Celebi from Pokemon Colosseum. Everything is ok but I just can't play gamecube backups. I need a way to run the iso. My wii is 4.3e version. Can someone please explain step by step the easiest way to run gamecube backups. I have only the homebrew channel installed for like 2 years ago and I'm still confused with all those cios, bios and tiny wii cells that can brick my wii because of my ignorance.
    I'll be very pleasured if you provide me links for downloads and explain me in small details. THANK YOU! Wish you a great day!
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    my dad works for nintendo.
    i am gonna pm you and help you.
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