Wii Games of the Month: April 2010

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    Oh, hey there Monster Hunter Tri. What's up?

    Trauma Team was set to release on April 20th previously, but has been pushed back to May.

    You can read the DS version of this thread right here

    Some rules and stuff.

    Warning: Spoilers inside!

    Monster Hunter Tri

    Developed by: Capcom Production Studio 1
    Published by: Capcom
    Release date: April 20th
    Genre: RPG
    My Hype Level: I'm still undecided on Monster Hunter
    GBAtemp Hype Level: OH MY GOD OH MY GOD OH MY GOD


    If there's one thing that will push millions in Japan, it's Monster Hunter. They love it over in the Rising Sun. In the rest of the world, it's not as hot, but it's still decently popular. Enough for it to have its latest iteration, Monster Hunter Tri, come over here. With a super awesome bundle. I have a PSP and tried playing the Monster Hunter games but I haven't had enough time to really formulate an opinion. Guess I'll have to try 'em soon.

    Sin and Punishment: Successor of the Skies

    Developed by: Treasure
    Published by: Nintendo
    Release date: April 16th (Europe)
    Genre: Rail shooter
    My Hype Level: This game is fucking amazing, but I already played the Japanese version
    GBAtemp Hype Level: I'll assume the same


    First off, don't say "OH THAT'S THE WRONG TITLE FOR THE GAME" because it is the correct title, it's just the one for Europe. The US release doesn't come until June. The European release comes in April. So now Hadrian can shove his penis in your face. Also, don't say "OH THAT'S THE WRONG BOXART BECAUSE IT SAYS STAR SUCCESSOR" because I already know that, I just CBA to find a correctly sized European boxart.

    Anyway, this game was fucking amazing. I gave it a 9.4/10 in my review, which I'm too lazy to dig up (find it in my links). But really, I already played the Japanese version and since the language barrier was incredibly thin, I don't see the point of playing it again. Still, it's a great game.

    2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa

    Developed by: EA Canada
    Published by: Electronic Arts
    Release date: April 27th (North America), April 29th (Australia), April 30th (Europe)
    Genre: Sports
    My Hype Level: Not too fond of sports games
    GBAtemp Hype Level: PES is better

    Couldn't find any boxart, sorry.

    Anyway, I did have some decent fun playing FIFA 2010 on my DS, but for the Wii the general consensus is that PES is overall superior now. Regardless, I'm not too fond of sports games, even a good game of footie. Most people will probably stick to PES.

    Other titles

    - Rugby League 3: 4/09 (Europe) *Already dumped*
    - Ivy the Kiwi?: 4/22 (Japan)
    - One Piece Unlimited Cruise: Episode 2 - Mezameru Yuusha (Minna no Susume Selection): 4/22 (Japan)
    - Iron Man 2: 4/30 (Europe)

    Overall Summary

    A very boring month, really. We get Monster Hunter Tri as our headline and nothing else. And sorry if I cut it a bit short, I have to get ready for work soon. Anyway, Monster Hunter Tri should be fun, and there's of course an English release of Sin and Punishment 2. FIFA 10 South Africa probably won't be much to bother with, but some hardcore football fans may like it.

    Next month, there's a little something called SUPER MARIO GALAXY 2 hitting, as well as Trackamania Wii, the newest Prince of Persia game, Trauma Team, and Lego Harry Potter. Expect a huge blowout purely for Super Mario Galaxy 2. Oh yeah.

    Have a fun April everyone!
  2. Hadrian

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    I don't want anything sadly. [​IMG]

    Already finished Sin & Punishment 2 and I don't care about understanding the story.

    Fount all Monster Hunter games to be tediously dull and the demo did not do anything to rectified that.

    FIFA...yeah PES is better, I cannot play any 3D footy game now since PES Wii.

    Iron Man 2 seems to be a game that High Voltage Software are only doing so they can make some cash. Wii version looks worse than the first game.

    April looks great though, shit Mario Galaxy 2 so soon?
  3. Satangel

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    Nov 27, 2006
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    Monster Hunter is just enough for me this month, if we had such a game every month, I would have been satisfied.
    Next month is going to be crazy, SMG 2, Trackmania and PoP, that's just crazy. Too bad I hardly will have time to game then, exams are coming up and it's the World Cup football!
  4. Guild McCommunist

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    FYI, the DS Games of the Month post is having some issues. It's probably something wrong with the tags that I'm not seeing. Once it's fixed I'll have it up.

    But yeah, it's a pretty boring month.
  5. Master Mo

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    Sin&Punishment2 [​IMG] That game is going to be amazing!

    Not much other then that but I`m still catching up with some other games a few months ago [​IMG]
  6. bnwchbammer

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    Mar 4, 2009
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    S&P 2 has been out for a long while in Japan, though it may be worth checking out in English. Monster Hunter Tri seems to be cool for those who have seen it before, but never looked like much to me, but who knows, maybe I'll check it out.
  7. GalenTheGamer

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    Jan 8, 2009
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    I can't wait for Monster Hunter Tri. My Wii Speak is getting dusty since I never play Animal Crossing any more. I haven't played a MH game before, but this wone looks really fun =D
  8. syko5150

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    Apr 25, 2009
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    what about Flip's Twisted World that comes out April 20th thats something i want to play it looks like a nice 3D platformer =p

    Also One Piece Unlimited Cruise 2(NTSC-J) is already out this is just a gamers choice rerelease...
  9. rockstar99

    rockstar99 Hi

    Dec 3, 2008
    Monster Hunter 3, I was always tempted to get the JAP version but I said... To hell with it Ill wait and now Its soo close [​IMG]
  10. dinofan01

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    Jul 4, 2008
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    Monster Hunter and Sin and Punishment....and red steel 2 came out today. Ef!!!! Why did my hdd have to crap out on me this week. Instead of getting these games i gotta get a hdd! lame...
  11. Hezkore

    Hezkore GBAtemp Regular

    Sep 1, 2009
    Can't wait to play it online with my friends! [​IMG]
    I've got the English Demo and I've played the Japanese version and it's great.. GAH I want it nao!
    (Red Steel 2 is pretty awesome btw)
  12. unknownsoul

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    Oct 24, 2009
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    Sweeeeeeeeeeet MH3, will check out Sin and Punishment as well.
  13. Am0s

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    Jul 9, 2009
    MH3 yeh, shame the rest of the month is crap
  14. Bladexdsl

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    Nov 17, 2008
    not really interested in MH3 but i'll play it anyway just for something to do.

    next month though fuck yes [​IMG]
  15. Overlord Nadrian

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    Jul 28, 2008
    MH3 and Sin and Punishment are what I'm waiting for, can't be arsed to play those damn FIFA games, they're always the same, with some new dudes added every iteration.
  16. elmariachi

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    Dec 6, 2009
    Ah well can save me some money in April to buy the awsome games in May [​IMG]
  17. naglaro00

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    Jun 5, 2009
    Yay MH3 8)
    Question: Do the monsters from MH2 return?
  18. Hells Malice

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    Apr 9, 2009
    Lame month. A single good game? Woah.

    Monster hunter tri looked interesting until I saw how incredibly bad the gameplay mechanics were done. So that ruined any chance of me trying it.

    Sin and Punishment looks pretty cool. Will have to give that a download. The main characters look lame though, lol. But that's my only complaint.
  19. Maikel Steneker

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    May 16, 2007
    I didn't realize Sin and Punishment 2 was coming so soon! I skipped the Japanese release because I really wanted to play the European one (and I had just bought a PS3 around that time, so I was busy anyway).
  20. Mid123

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    Sep 13, 2009
    cant wait for monster hunter