Wii games not showing up in USB Loader GX but Gamecube games are

Discussion in 'Wii U - Hacking & Backup Loaders' started by Donumental, Feb 2, 2015.

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    Just modded my Wii U last night and I got Gamecube games working, even the Pro controller works in Nintendont. But for some reason none of the Wii games I have in the same folder as the Gamecube games aren't showing up. I'm using an SD card as I don't have a compatible external hard drive (WD Passport), I've tried putting the games in the games folder, wbfs folder, I've even used Wii Backup Manager to try ISOS and WBFS but neither are helping. Can someone please help me out?
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    Wii games go in the wbfs folder in the root of the drive. Not in the games folder. Also USBLoaderGX does not support loading games from the sd card slot, only the usb ports. If you do not have a hard drive you can use a sd/usb adapter to plug the sd card into the usb slot.

    If you do not have the adapter you can use wiiflow to load wii and gamcube games from the sd card slot. It works but I like usbloadergx more.
  3. pokeparadox

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    Wii games should not be in the same folder as the GameCube games. They should be in a folder names wbfs.
    Also You can change what sort of games are listed in USBLoaderGX (I think it's the second icon - and it has tickboxes with NAND, EMUNAND, Wii, GameCube), so ensure you are listing Wii games there.
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