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  1. johnnyturk

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    Mar 14, 2009
    that little post it note that keeps a record ab out how long u have played each game, thats what im on about

    today i succesfuly softmodded my wii and tested a usb loader using a flashmemory card, works great! but i noticed something about he game history

    rather then saying fo example
    " Mario Kart

    it lists any game i play under "other"

    if i were to use back ups through gamma, would it still list under other or actually list the game


    if i were to use back ups and reboot gamma with hooks so i play through the disc channel, does it list it properly?

    thank you
  2. Helsionium

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    Jul 18, 2008
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    It will always add new entries as "Other" if there already are ten entries in the game history for the current day.

    EDIT: I forgot to answer the actual questions...

    1. The name that is logged in the play history is always the title most recently started from the System Menu, so it will be Homebrew Channel or whatever your custom Gamma Loader channel is named, if you use one. Play history is managed by the System Menu, and the System Menu does and can not know what the Gamma loader loads.

    2. In that case, since the title is started from the System Menu, it will be logged correctly.