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Dec 4, 2021
United States

I am using Ohneschwanzenegger to create a new NAND for my wii from an old copy dumped from BootMii since I'd like to remove homebrew and start fresh.
The new NAND installed perfectly and the Wii seems good as new.


I then attempted to remove my Wii Shop account, and when prompted to enter the serial number from the sticker, it tells me that it is incorrect, even though it is obviously correct.
I am worried that the new setting.txt file was not generated correctly, and the serial number or some other identifier is missing. Despite this, the Shop Channel does recognize my downloads from 10 years ago.

When creating the fresh NAND, I made sure to type in the correct serial number from the sticker when prompted.
Furthermore, if I open the new NAND and old NAND in Ohneschwanzenegger, and then open the setting.txt box, all the information is identical.

In my attempt to uncover the issue, I used NANDextract to pull the setting.txt files off of the new and old NAND copy. Opening them in Wordpad, they are encrypted (scrambled characters) but clearly not identical. However, if I open the files in SettingEdit, the system numbers match perfectly.

I also get an error upon entering the Shop Channel, although it does let me proceed. There are also errors with the News and Weather channels as well, instead of the usual "This service has been discontinued..." note. There is not much info on these error codes, but I have a feeling that they are related to the possible serial number issue.

I know that none of these channels are much use today, however I would still like to determine what the problem is if possible : )

My questions are...
  • Has anyone else had this issue?
  • Is there any way to simply insert the old setting.txt file into the new NAND, instead of relying on Ohneschwanzenegger to create a new one? Maybe Ohneschwanzenegger isn't writing it correctly?
  • Possibly I should re-upload my old NAND, remove the shop account, re-dump it with BootMii, and then perform the procedure again?

Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Thank You!!
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