Wii for A Xbox 360 or Xbox Problem

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    I just got me an android from a friend, so let say I'm back, but anyway I want to Trade my wii for his modded xbox or Non modded elite 360, but theres a Problem.

    If I get the xbox I get to play my favorite old xbox games/classics back, but I want a console With a lil bit of higher graphics, So I can play my High Graphic/Favorite games when I''m bored,... so if I get the 360 with higher graphics I can't play my old certain favorite xbox games on my 360 since there been problems with backward compatibility That what I heard from people, So... What should I do because Idk which one to get.

    Ps. I'm not gonna reply for a couple of hours since I Have school today.
    Edit: Peace out I'm off to school.
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    So you can choose between replaying your favorites + more, or playing games you don't care much about just because of better graphics.

    Choice seems obvious to me.

    (Also, modded xbox = emulators for most retro systems)
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    Mistake: I Wasn't trying to put it in a graphic way just a favorite game in High Graphics when I'm bored.
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    eBay will tell you the truth.

    A used, refurbed Wii costs aprox. $60-70. A used, refurbed XBox costs $50-60. A used, refurbed Elite XBox 360 $100-120.

    This means that if you get the 360, with good winds, you can sell it and buy both an XBox and another Wii - not that you'd want to. Backwards compatibility is relatively fine. Fair play, few games have issues, but most of them work alright, plus you get access to current generation games. I think it's really a no-brainer - either your friend is trying to sell you a 360 that had a few RROD "accidents" or he's not good at selling things.

    Moreover, as far as I know, you *can* run XBox homebrew on a 360, depending on the way you want to mod it... so... go figure.
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    To add.

    Yes you can execute Xbox 1 homebrew on the 360.
    However this requires an jTAG/RGH'd machine and a hacked xbox emulator.
    Not all homebrew will work but most of it will.

    Also a few "unsupported" games are playable on a hacked xbox emulator as well as unfinished builds/dev builds/beta builds of old xbox games.