Wii Fit Plus won't play ..

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    Aug 13, 2007
    Just got Wii Fit Plus PAL, and wrote it to a normal dvd-r. When I put it into the Wii, the disc spinning can be heard, but then it will just stop, and a black screen will fade in saying to eject the disc and turn off the Wii. This happens within 20 seconds, even if I am on the disc channel or not. I tried to be quick before the Wii died, and open the game in Uloader. Everything was going well, but when it came to launching the game, the disc would spin for ages, until it says "ERROR: 4".

    I'm running 4.2E, rev 15, and cioscorp v3.5. I tried to search if anything had to be done to the game first like patched or something, but I couldn't find anything, so just assumed the game would work with no problems. Please help, thanks.