wii dvd player and dvdx

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    i have no idea what YOASM 1.8 is
    or where to find wii boss download
    on the site filetrip.net at wii/homebrew/applications/page 4/wii dvd player

    this is the instructions for
    wii dvd player

    Team Symbiote have released a DVD Player for the Wii, now all those Wii modders can jump for joy. It seems as if a lot of hackers were at work on the project and it is a total software solution to get DVDs playing on the Wii. In order to get it working, you have to Burn the application with Clone CD, then boot it in a modded Wii with a homebrew program YAOSM 1.8, when the menu pops up you simply hit Z to unmount, change the disc to a DVD Movie and then hit START to play - DVD movies finally playable on the Wii!

    ==[Movie Controls]==
    L, Left, and Down = Rewind
    R, Right, and Up = Fast Forward
    Start, and A = Pause/Play
    B = Stop
    X = Subtitles On/Off
    Y, Left Thumbstick, and Right Thumbstick = Nothing
    Z = Unmount

    Burn with clone CD, Boot in modded wii with homebrew based mod programmed with YOASM 1.8 (such as wii-boss). When menu comes up then the hit "z" to unmount, change disc to DVD movie and hit "start" to play.

    and i can not find dvdx after you get homebrew channel installed
    i did try to install it when i first installed homebrew channel but it did not work
    i do not remember what it said the reason why it could not install was,
    or instructions on what it needs to install it and how to install it

    can someone tell me which app to use to play dvds on the wii
    and help for installing it please
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