Wii Disc Error Problems

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    Mar 12, 2009
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    Well I was playing Bully: Scholarship Edition(backup) recently and all the sudden the game gets an error message and cuts off. I was like "no big deal" and I just restarted the wii. When I tried to play the game it wouldn't work at all, I switched to my other wii games and the same problem. I tried a gamecube game and it still worked.

    I went to the store and bought a lens cleaner and used it. At first the wii wouldn't read discs at all and then that night it would read gamecube discs perfectly but wii games would only go up to the disc channel image before getting an error. Tonight I tried to experiment and I put in a backup and tried to play. The games that didn't take much loading worked perfectly like Tatsunoko vs Capcom. Backups like No More Heroes would work up till going to the open world. PAL backups wouldn't work at all.

    When I put the Disc in the wii 80% of the time it'll go smoothly and then all the sudden stop and make a ticking sound 3 times and then a sound I assume is the lens scanning it. After that an error message will appear. The other times it won't even do anything at all inside the wii.

    Its a 4.0u, latest IOS installed, nothing installed except homebrew channel and backup channel 0.3g

    I'm just trying to see if I can do anything else, I can send it in to nintendo anytime(after removing everything) but I want to know if I can fix something myself.
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    Sounds like a dying wii laser mate.

    You can try playing it vertically or horizontally to extend its life by a couple days.