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    May 14, 2008
    I've installed the Wii Clip (with d2ckey), and it works - but only if the Wii case is 'loose'.

    Sometimes it can work with the front on, but most of the time that will stop it working, and at some point it was working with the side screws in, but now even that fails - I currently operate in ghetto-wii mode with the case on (held by a single side screw) but front off while playing (classy... [​IMG] )

    [I have taken the case apart many times and can even provoke the failure by tightening the DVD drives 4 mounting screws really tight, a quater turn looser will prompt it to work again, and have made sure there is no shorting when the drive presses on the clip by using the cut out and sticker on underside (have also tried without these...) tried a bit of padding under the chip extension board too, none of this seems to make a difference]

    I'm thinking its either a bending of the chip extension board or the clip getting gently prised off when the drive presses on it at a certain pressue/direction. Is the fact that a small(ish) quater screw turn can be the difference between it working and failing any indication of the nature of the problem?

    Has anyone else had this problem? What did you do to solve it?
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