Wii /Chip Compatibility..?

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    Hi Folks..Newbie...Very Newbie.. My first Wii less then 48 hrs ago... and Have been reading the forums here and there and I see mention of the possiblity of nintendo changing the Chipset or Drive set to exclude the mod chips (or the earlier versions..).. Is this true or a fear rumor? This is a NTSC USA Wii with a serial of like LU37**** [7] ..I haven't seen that series listed on any website yet..so I am thinking it's pretty new... (of course what I read is that I may have an old Gen DVD in a new serial Wii..) ..
    I know I should open it to look but whats your Gut on this?

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    Here ya go, Could be of use [​IMG]


    GC2 - DMS or GC2R - D2A (Compatible with first generation mod chips)
    - LEH 100XXXXX
    - LEH 101XXXXX
    - LEH 102XXXXX
    - LEH 103XXXXX
    - LEH 104XXXXX
    - LEH 105XXXXX
    - LEH 106XXXXX
    - LEH 107XXXXX
    - LEH 108XXXXX
    - LEH 10812XXX
    - LEH 1085XXXX
    - LEH 1089XXXX
    - LEH 1091XXXX
    - LEH 109128XX
    - LEH 109166XX
    - LEH 10979XXX

    GC2R - D2B (Incompatible with first generation mod chips)
    - LEH 10889XXX
    - LEH 1089XXXX
    - LEH 109225XX
    - LEH 10924XXX
    - LEH 1100XXXX
    - LEH 1101XXXX
    - LEH 1104XXXX

    For European models it seems the D2B chip was introduced somewhere between LEH 1088XXXX and LEH 1097XXXX.
    If your serial is below LEH 1088XXXX there is a 98% chance you don't have the D2B chip.
    I your serial is between LEH 1088XXXX and LEH 1097XXXX the chance you have the D2B chip is about 50%.
    If your serial is above LEH 1097XXXX there is a 98% chance you have the D2B chip.

    North America

    GC2 - DMS or GC2R - D2A (Compatible with first generation mod chips)
    - LU 100XXXXXX
    - LU 101XXXXXX
    - LU 102XXXXXX
    - LU 103XXXXXX
    - LU 104XXXXXX
    - LU 1050XXXXX

    - LU 300XXXXXX
    - LU 301XXXXXX
    - LU 302XXXXXX
    - LU 303XXXXXX
    - LU 304XXXXXX
    - LU 305XXXXXX
    - LU 306XXXXXX
    - LU 3066XXXXX
    - LU 30677XXXX

    - LU 502XXXXXX
    - LU 503XXXXXX
    - LU 504XXXXXX
    - LU 505XXXXXX
    - LU 506XXXXXX
    - LU 5074XXXXX
    - LU 5077XXXXX

    GC2R - D2B (Incompatible with first generation mod chips)
    - LU 1047XXXXX
    - LU 10510XXXX
    - LU 1054XXXXX

    - LU 3070XXXXX
    - LU 3072XXXXX
    - LU 3074XXXXX

    - LU 50853XXXX
    - LU 5089XXXXX
    - LU 5092XXXXX
    - LU 5094XXXXX
    - LU 5095XXXXX

    For North-America it appears that there are three different ranges in use (LU1/LU3/LU5).
    Its possible that each range is used in a different area, factory or language pack.
    Each range will have a number where the D2B chip is introduced.
    For LU1 this seems to be around LU 104XXXXXX and LU 105XXXXXX.
    For LU3 its between LU30667XXXX and LU3070XXXXX and
    for LU5 its somewhere between LU 5077XXXXX and LU50853XXXX.


    GC2 - DMS or GC2R - D2A (Compatible with first generation mod chips)
    - LAH 10067XXX


    GC2 - DMS or GC2R - D2A (Compatible with first generation mod chips)
    - LJH 102XXXXX

    GC2R - D2B (Incompatible with first generation mod chips)
    - LJH 1038XXXX
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    May 14, 2007
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    Thanks for the list... I was concerned when I found that out in the wild..that my Series of chip LU37*** was not listed...so I assume it's just an extension of the LU3** series Wii's.. But probably won't know tillI crack it open... Again.. If the no one has had a reported issue with an incompatible chip/Wii then I should be ok...

    ..oh..and reading up on the WiiFree.. That kinda looks fun...and a learning experience too! ;-)
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    When you will open your Wii and see witch DVD chipset you have (DMS, D2A, D2B written on it), you could update this listing in the Wikitemp and help others determine witch version they have.

    If you don't know how to edit the Wiki, just tell us here and we will do it for you.

    Please check if you have all soldering pads for Wiikey too, or if it's the new motherboard.
    Thank you.
  5. peardog

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    May 14, 2007
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    Ok..Will Do...

    Oh..But does that mean there is a New MB revision out there? Not Just rumor..? And will that impossible or Very Very Difficult to Mod?
    Of course With my lack of Info to give you cannot give me any back..sorry..
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    Apr 10, 2008
    After reading the list, I found out that my Wii serial number (LU5113xxxx) was not on the list. I dont like to make wild guesses, what do you guys think is my wii's chipset?
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    Feb 23, 2008
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    This website is useless as you can't be sure of what chip you'll have with your Wii, an estimation is useless as you need the precise chip to buy a modchip.
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    Mar 27, 2006
    no, you can buy the wasabi chip which can work on every type of wii [​IMG]