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    I have a Wii w/ attached usb drive and a Western Digital Mybook NAS, I was thinking it would be great to be able to find a small HTPC case and mount the hardware for both devices into it. Basically having a Wii with USB HDD and a NAS built into one box, effectively having an all in one media box. This would also allow me to quell a heating problem I have with the devices, I live in florida and tend not to use the Air Conditioner.

    Has anyone seen anything like this? The only down side I can think of are possible access to the buttons and GC plugs etc and having the need for two power supplies in the one box.
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    I'm not sure how this would benefit you, but go ahead?

    I also don't see how it help a heating problem - more electronic parts crammed into a smaller box with air vents facing the ground?
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    I really like this idea.

    One benefit is having all in one neat package
    And you dont need to use a smaller case
    You can use one big enough to fit a big fan for better cooling

    Some thoughts about the PSU problem

    A PC case will have a PC Power Supply Unit or at least a mount for one
    it will have a mount for a hard-drive too

    Among others a PC PSU has +5V and +12V

    The Wii uses 12V
    most USB Hubs & Gadgets 5V

    a external HDcase (from which you will need the usb chip) will most likely use 12V, 5V, or both (since the disk itself needs both)

    so you should be able to run the whole rig with one PSU
    any old spare you have should be powerful enough
    wiring a switch to one is extremely easy to

    other voltages you can get out of it are
    3.3V and differences like 7V=12V-5V (not recommended)

    post if you like further help with the project