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    Oct 27, 2007
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    So here's the deal

    I have an HP Windows Media Center PC running XP Service Pack 2. I just reinstalled Windows.
    I have a GDR-146B drive to rip Wii games, and another to rip Xbox 360 games. I have had them both in a computer upstairs for months, ripping games continually on another older computer.

    So I put them both in this my HP PC (making sure they are both correctly set to SLAVE and MASTER), and installed NET Framework 2.0 and Rawdump 2.0

    So I have tried to rip "Manhunt 2" (for Wii) and "Die Hard: Vendetta" (for Gamecube). Once in a while, Rawdump will not start for a few various reasons having to do with the NET frame work (saying something about the arithmatic overloading) , but most of the time it begins to rip the game, and then the speed will slowly drop until it is in negative numbers, which, yes, is impossible to actually be true. Right now, the speed is "-591 MB/hour" and it says it will take "20:17:03" to rip (20 hours, 17 minutes and three seconds).

    I suspect this could be from the NET framework. I didn't install it on the other computer that was ripping games, it already had it on the computer. I installed it on this, suspected a bad file, redownloaded it from another location, and reinstalled it. Still didn't work. So I downloaded 3.0 that and for some reason when I try to insall it it won’t finish (it has to download something during the install, and it never goes through – not quite sure if you’re only supposed to use it on Vista). Regardless, Rawdump is SUPPOSED to work with Net framework 2.0, and that’s what I used upstairs, so I’m guessing it’s not that I need Framework 3.0.
    Also (in case anyone is wondering) this drive runs and rips regular DVD’s fine. I do not know what the problem is or could be. I guess the Net framework but it’s the same as upstairs. I just don’t know. I don’t want to keep it upstairs because it’s in my brother’s room and it’s on just about the slowest, shittiest computer I have ever seen.
    I’ve looked online for days and I don’t know what to do. Does anyone know anything about this? I tried to give as many details as possible. If you think I left anything out, ask me. Thanks!