WII brickblocker error

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    May 21, 2006
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    i have a problem with wii brick blocker it gave error on new usa iso files!

    it say example : ERROR icon-coawii.iso isn't a valid wii iso file
    and more usa wii iso files has the same problem
    so anyone got a solution to fix this problem ????

  2. giantpune

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    Apr 10, 2009
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    There really isn't a reason to brick-block any games anymore. Any loader made recently should skip updates. Modchip, usb, preloader, starfall, or backup disc loader can all be set to skip updates and play out of region games.
  3. resincake

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    Aug 21, 2009
    This is a problem with most of iCON's releases. Whats happening is the ISO files they make are 64kb too small, so Brick Blocker thinks they are invalid Wii ISO's. Heres how you can fix them :

    Firstly, open a DOS window (PC--> Press START --> Press RUN --> Typre CMD)

    Next, type this line in your DOS window :
    fsutil file createnew c:\dummy.wii 65536

    OK, now go copy the dummy.wii file you just made from C: to the folder where your iCON .ISO file is. Then, you need to point the DOS window to the same folder as the dummy.wii file and your ISO file. IF you dont know how to do this, simply copy the complete path of your ISO folder (such as D:\Wii\Some Game Name-iCON\) , and then type CD into your DOS window followed by the path you copied. (ie./ for my example : CD D:\Wii\Some Game Name-iCON\) , then press Enter to proceed.

    (This next step is really only if your above folder path is not on your C: drive, if it is, you can skip this step.) Now, to have DOS point to the correct drive type the letter of the drive your ICON game is on, followed by ':' ie./ In my example the iCON Game folder iis on my D Drive so I would type D: , then press Enter to proceed.

    Ok, now your DOS window is pointed to the game folder, type this next line (Obviously in this you would replace isoname with the name of your iCON .ISO file, or rename your iCON .ISO itself to isoname & then press Enter :
    copy/b isoname.iso+dummy.wii isoname_new.iso

    wait a bit for the new ISO file to be written and resized, and then you can put it through Brick Blocker without any errors.

    (NOTE : You will need at least 4.37 GB free on the harddrive where you run this, ie./ the Drive where your ICON .ISO file is.)


    Hope that helps. I too like to Brick Block all my backup games, despite the newest loaders having protection for this built in, as I feel its always best to have the Disc itself protected as well as the system, and besides, it is a matter of habit and does no harm anyway ;>