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    Jul 17, 2007
    disc read error , burnt on verbatim 3x just like the rest of my 40+ backups , why wont this work on pal wii wiikey 1.9s 3.3e ???????

    also ive just burnt a copy of excitetruck to find when i inserted it i got the same dre message ?? WTF

    I only just burnt family ski and lego indianna jones this morning on the same disks , same speed , same app ( imgburn) and both of them ru like a charm wat up with that:S

    tried burnin excite truck with nero at 4x now that works / but i also tried burning big beach sports with nero

    result: dre again. is it something to do with the fact it has been scrubbed ? because ive got a few scrubbed games that work??? thanks

    i tried to load it in gecko region free through the homebrew channel and it just identifys the game id: then hangs so maybee it could be a bad iso but im not sure but i tried booting my signed ntsc>pal copy of brawl DVD5 wich worked previously before 3.3 obviously with gecko region free also with the same results
    hangs at game id: ?? wierd .

    anyone know how to fix?
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