wii apps witouth using SD?!

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    I've done some research but didn't find what i was looking for!
    I just softmodded my wii ( yes im a noob in some sort ) Got everything working ( hbc.. homebrew apps.. usb loader.. etc)

    And i was wondering.. where can I find info to use only my hdd to load all these?
    I always need me sd in to use hbc.. Im sure there's a way to do it from the hdd right?

    My hdd is a 500 gigs with about 460 gigs in wbfs and a 40 gigs fat32 (active) partitions.
    My wii is a black 4.2u using latest cios (updated through pimp my wii )

    thanks for pointing me towards good info! [​IMG]

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    Dec 3, 2009
    That's easy, move the apps folder from sd to your hdd, the fat32 parition, and the HBC will detect the apps [​IMG]
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    hoo well thx.. didn't tought it was THAT easy loll

    thanks for the help and quick reply!