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    Since we haven't gotten our Wii Bricks board i'm going to organize the info i find about safe practices and ways to fix bricks here. If you have a link to submit let me know as i will continue to update this.

    The best thing to do for your wii is install bootmii as a boot2. Wii's bought before December 2008 usually allow you to install bootmii as a boot2.

    Types of Bricks
    Full brick
    A “full-brick" Wii displays an Opera error message instead of the “warning” screen when the Wii boots — it does not even check the disc drive for a disc before displaying this, meaning it is impossible to fix this using software unless you use a Savemii with an autoboot disc. Full bricks due to other causes can simply cause black screens on boot. Some are recoverable with a SaveMii and an autoboot disc, and others aren't.

    Semi-Brick (Partial Brick)
    A semi-bricked Wii has a small error in the System Menu. Once a Wii is semi-bricked, it cannot enter the settings screen. There are repair discs for semi-bricked Wii consoles, but not for those fully bricked.

    Banner Brick
    Banner bricks come from installing a WAD with an invalid banner (e.g. wrong image size). With this type of brick the system will freeze after the health warning screen. It may also display a "System Files are Corrupted" error message.

    Brick Fixes
    bootmii installed as boot2
    Priiloader + bootmii as IOS
    Full Nand Data Management
    ModChip + SaveMe/Modded Gamecube Controller + Recovery Disc
    Send Wii to Nintendo - This option is the least desirable for homebrew users, as Nintendo will likely send back a different console, with your personal settings/VC account transferred and the latest updates installed.

    Apps that Brick - Programs you need to avoid as they install Stub IOS60.
    WiiBrew Brick Info
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