Wii and GC standard hacker grade iso and wad manipulation tools?

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    I am writing the GBA/DS docs but as most of hacking translates I have a quick section on how to unpack, relink and rebuild assorted iso/rom/DLC/executable/whatever formats from various systems (aiming for basic tools for all the big ones) and getting things up on filetrip, however the wii is something I have a passing acquaintance at best with so I just wanted to check my list of tools was not hopelessly out of date.

    Unless truly necessary (it is the only program that supports a deviation from the previous standard format or something) I am not after nice GUI tools to stick things in WBFS format or something (although I did mention people tend to opt for WBFS and it might be worth having a tool that can handle it) or automated repacking tools. This is pretty much about getting the files out of an iso and back in again.

    I have picked wii scrubber because it has always done what I wanted and does not try to hold my hand too much (things I like in tools/programs).

    I have always used wwpacker and u8tool. I did not see the former up on filetrip though so I am not sure if this means original xbox protocol (temp uploads and masked things) or just that it was so old it was not worth it.

    If there are any worthwhile DOL manipulation tools for commercial games I will go them. I have a copy of the IDA plugin stuff for modern DOL files from http://blog.delroth.net/2012/03/gcwii-dol-plugin-built-for-ida-6-1/ and will probably include some of the hitmen and stuff for older versions but those I can deal with. If however there is a nice disassembler with decent wii/dol support I will happily add it to the list.

    Likewise if GCtool, gcmutility (I know it is not really what I asked for above) and http://filetrip.net/wii-downloads/tools-utilities/latest-gamecube-iso-tool-f28774.html are not good for the gamecube or I am missing a good one please share.
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    wwpacker and U8Tools is the way to go man. I used the two years ago when I was really into WAD hacking.
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    customize mii, show mii wads, etc.

    also, the libwiisharp examples are pretty easy for wad unpacking\patching\etc and they have a better gui than wwpacker

    And of course, the ultimate all in one tool... ModMii :D
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    u8tool actually has a bug that messes up the tpls inside it on occasion u8mii is better
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    Thanks gave a few of those a go and the libWiiSharp stuff works for me although I should probably include showmiiwads as well.

    Also Wiiware and games in general seem to use a lot of Ogg files these days (ancient library to build it as well).
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    Might want to look into WIT for ISO stuff. Fairly capable set of tools as I understand. [link]
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    Dude, use CustomizeMii for the wads (like @XFlak said), and WIT for ISO work (like @SifJar said). WIT is feature filled, and CustomizeMii has never let me down!