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    Hey all, was just thinking about how the DS launch went, as well as the recent Wii one, and what happened afterwards, and i think the similarities are everywhere.

    The DS launched with some good games, albeit flawed games, as devs struggled to take full advantage of the control system/graphics/dual screens. After launch, there was a few good games along the way, with a drought of titles that "didn't get" what the DS was about, and instead a lot of gba ports with tacked on controls happened.

    After a while though, amid all the reviewer and online forum users speculation that the more powerful psp would belt the DS, the devs started to really take on the DS strengths and move forward, and at the rate its going it'll end up being the most bought games console down the track, even over the PS2 if it continues its momentum.

    For me, while i loved Mario 64 DS at the time, as well as Advance Wars, it was games like Kirbys Canvas when i first really loved what the DS was capable of. Meteos was another one, along with of course Mariokart ds for its online, games like Phoenix Wright, Elite Beat Agents, Trauma Center, Brain Training, on top of all the more traditional games as well.

    I think we're seeing a turning point for Wii games much in the same way.

    The launch had some good/great titles. Zelda TP, while being a cube port, i thought took good advantage of the controls the wii offered. Games like excitetruck, trauma center, Rayman were all good titles for their period, while other games such as Red Steel etc were flawed, perhaps due to short and rushed development time and the devs not getting the controls down pat.

    There was a lot of "ported games with tacked on controls" at launch, and theres been a fair few since launch as well, COD3, POP, Godfather (although that was done quite well) etc.

    I think now though, we're starting to reach a turning point, as devs are realising that people want something different, not just more of the same with different controls.

    I only thought about this, after seeing Dewys Adventure in action. It plays similiar in theory to Korinpa, Monkey Ball, Mercury Meltdown, but it seems to be taking it to the next level with its design, graphics, puzzles, platformer style gameplay.

    Another upcoming game, Zack and Wicki, takes fantastic advantage of the wiimote, and the level design seems to bring both easy to grasp controls along with clever and possibly hard levels.

    Add Metroid Prime 3, the first game to seemingly get FPS absolutely right, as well as online finally happening and with most future titles supporting it, including 32 player MOH, and i think the Wii is now starting to head into that same period the DS went through.

    I think with a lot of devs now jumping on board, including Lucasarts, the Wii is going to be seeing some truly innovative games along the way, and even graphically people are going to start to see that, while it can't touch 360 or PS3, there is a lot more under the hood than most people give it credit for.

    Should be an interesting 12 months.
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    I have to play those "turning point" games before I agree. My money is on Zack & Wiki.