wii 4.2U hacking

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    Apr 9, 2009
    i recently got my wii repaired, it now on firmware 4.2U all my homebrew is still intact including the homebrew channel. However most applications do no work anymore, i just get a black screen. also when i try running wad installer 1.5 my wiimotes desync. So i tried following this guide -snipped- (old warez site version of the Simplistic Mod) (new 4.2U guide) but when i try downgrading my IOS15 i get the following error message. error: ES_addTitleStart returned -1035, maybe you need an updated downgrader
    error: Could not set the revision to 0
    downgrade failed.
    press anykey to restart.

    i also tried using pimp my wii and got a similar error message.

    help would be appreciated