Wii 3.0 Update

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    Wii 3.0 Update

    Nintendo Getting Modchip Serious


    Wii Update 3.0 marks the most significant system change since the Wii's launch. It also shows that Nintendo are getting modchip conscious as there is now a new warning screen when updating that says having "an unauthorised technical modification" may brick your system.

    Early reports show that the latest update does not brick systems with modchips, however some setup discs like the Wiikey setup disc have been rendered inoperable (however you can still use it by booting GCos first then loading the wiikey disc through that). This shows that Nintendo have indeed changed something under the hood, so modchip users should be wary of updating just yet.

    Apart from modchip scares the update most noticeably sped up changing between channels and added in a digital clock. The Wii Shop channel has been redesigned and there are numerous other changes to Wii channel's and the message board. There is also speculation that the Wii's fan remains active when the console is switched off if Wiiconnect24 is enabled; to stop the Wii from heating up.

    The update also adds USB keyboard support, however keyboards do not work with the Internet Channel which kind of defeats the purpose.


    Update with caution. If you have a modchip installed it may be best to wait until further testing has been done.

    *Important* One person has reported that that their OpenWii modded Wii could not load any games after the update. However another four OpenWii users have reported no troubles. Other modchips do not seem to be affected.

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    [​IMG] 3.0 FAQ

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