Wii 3.0 PAL update Wiifree?

Discussion in 'Wii - Hacking' started by cardyology, Sep 14, 2007.

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    May 2, 2007
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    Hey guys, sorry for the new thread, I searched & googled but couldnt find a definate answer, sooo....

    I've beeen holding back updating my PAL UK wii from 2.2E to 3.0E (+ the extra little one) mainly due to a ruck of good 360 games coming out (Bioshock *cough*) but now I think am ready to begin Metroid 3 [​IMG]

    Obv I need to update it but Im scared to & have a few questions.....

    First, My wii is PAL UK with Wiifree 2.45 running on it. Its currently 2.2E f/w

    My first step was to connect my wii to my wifi network which I just did & it says "run system update now? yes/no"

    1 - Do I need to remove the wiifree or is it safe to leave it in while performing the update?
    2 - Should I do both updates one after the other?
    3 - will the update make any difference to the way my wiifree works?
    a - will my wiifrees region unlock setting be reset to "off" as defualt?
    b - will I need to burn a new setup disc or a GCOS boot disc to turn region free back on?

    My next questions are about metroid itself.

    I have an NTSC backup.....

    1- do I use brick blocker (I read this results in black screen on PAL wii)
    2 - What about regionfrii?

    3 - am I right in thinking that as long as my wii is 3.0E - burning metroid & running the 3.0U update will casue no harm other than dupe news/wether channels? I REALLY dont want to unplug my wii durin g the update as some said to do. Im not bothered about dupe channels [​IMG]

    Sorry for the massive post!

    cards. [​IMG]
  2. cardyology

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    May 2, 2007
    Chorley Uk

    I u[pdated the wii to 3.0e & it worked oki. Tested NTSC games & they worked fine.

    So now I have burned metroid WITHOUT brick blocker or regionfrii patching

    I aam just going to let the disc update & all it'll do is add dupe channels right?

    Well, Im trying that and it wont do the update. Its been on about 2% for about 20 mins now. [​IMG]