Wii #1960 - Spellbound Party (Europe)


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Jul 6, 2006
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Not easy to find video/screens of this game. but here is some info atleat

QUOTE said:
Spellbound Party brings the original DS game - and therefore the series - to the Wii for the first time, but with a twist. The puzzler takes on the form of a game show, with the challenges enhanced to suit a multiplayer session with friends and family.

Players test their spelling skills across the four familiar modes: Training, Championship, List of Shame and the multiplayer-centric Party. All are presented in the traditional TV show style, with a charismatic host delivering the questions and instructions.

The game´s difficulty has even been tweaked to make it accessible to the whole family. A handicapping system gives easier tests to younger players, allowing them to play in the same game as their parents.

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