Wii #0964 - Rubik's World (USA)

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    • Play 8 unique games (Different from the DS Version) which mix puzzles, quizzes, music and sound activities- as well as the classic cube solving game
    • Multiplayer mode lets you share the fun with family and friends. Compare your game stats and progress, share creations, music compositions and more
    • Each game requires forward thinking and involves complex mechanics with a simple interface
    • Progressive increase of difficulty levels ensure long lasting playability
    • Expand your Rubik's universe. The better you play, the more cubies come to life, unlocking new challenges and activities
    • Cubies behave like living and learning beings. Play and interact with them as you educate and entertain them
    • Compose your own music
    • Post and share screen of your creations with your friends using the online Wii feature
    • Crisp and light color palette creates a unique look and feel

    Fun stuff
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    Apr 20, 2007
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    I guess this one fills the DVD-R to its max!
    must be close to a DL game! [​IMG]

    my personal opinion is that this is a 20-30MB game but they didn't want to release for VC
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    Feb 6, 2007
    Well it scubs down to 1.16 GB, so it's not that small actually