1. psyduck

    OP psyduck Newbie

    Apr 7, 2006
    Hi, apologies if this is answered elsewhere - I've tried searching a little to no avail, but could be missing it...

    I've got both fat and lite DSs with one supercard SD and one supercard lite, and have the same issues with both. In the past, I've played mario kart, metroid, tetris, and 42-all time classics on WFC with no problems. Recently though, I'm getting error 51300 - no access point found when trying any of the 3 older ones. However, the same settings work with 42 all-time classics, any ideas as to why? I'm using 1.63 firmware on both, and the latest patcher, although the older games were patched with older software. I have however tried re-patching metroid prime with the latest software and get the same results.
    Any ideas?
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