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    [​IMG] WIFI Nite SATURDAY 5/8/10
    Gaming is Fun!!

    Saturday 5/8/10 is the 2nd WIFI Nite.

    The first WIFI Nite for this month will again not feature any structure. Last time we all just got together and played, and had fun. We will do the same thing this time around but with a focus on NES gaming. Linked below is our official guide on setting up NES gaming for the PC environment. Grab a copy of the guide and get ready for WIFI Nite ahead of the crowd. Additionally We hope to see more Wii/NDS and MAME gaming this time around.

    Remember that the channel is open 24-hours 7-days a week. Stop by anytime and ask for a co-op game!

    What is allowed:
    • The channel will support NDS/Wii/Retro gaming, ONLY!
    • Retro EMU gaming includes EMU's that support Kaillera or GGPO and games more than 12yrs old.
    • Users should bring their friendcodes with them, as we currently do not have any scripts with access to codes hosted on the Web.
    • Find a friend, bring a friend, or make new friends, and game!!

    What is off-topic/not allowed:
    • No other modern "PREVIOUS-GEN" or "NEXT-GEN" gaming will be supported, IE: X-BOX, PS2, X-BOX 360, etc.
    • No other handheld WIFI gaming will be supported, IE: PSP, etc.
    • Absolutely no public chat ROM trading of any kind.

    How to connect to the channel

    Official Guides:
    [​IMG] Nestopia - GBATemp WIFI Nite Online Co-op How-to Guide

    Additional Links:
    [​IMG] Official Big-N WIFI page
    [​IMG] DS Compatible WIFI Game List
    [​IMG] GBATemp Friendcode Database
    [​IMG] Discuss
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    i will not be available on saturday until late at night. i may have to miss this wifi nite entirely. the 1st wifi nite went pretty well without much intervention from myself or any of the ops. i assume this night will go the same way. i am looking for kaillera nes solutions for the mac and linux environments. if you can write a guide (like the one linked in the 1st post) for those operating systems, then please PM me and let me know. your guide could become the official guide for wifi nite.

    i'll do my best to show up late for some nes gaming, perhaps 1-2am EST.

    have fun!
    -another world
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    sounds interesting, I'll see if I can join in.
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    I will be there :yayds:
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    I had fun the other night [​IMG] , hope to have even more on this night!