Wifi & homebrew?????

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    OK, simply put I am trying to use the NDS backup tool in wifi mode to backup a save for just 1 poxy game - Phantom Hourglass.

    This has given me literally hours of frustration. I've been following the instructions on this page.

    The message that I get from the app on the DS is:
    Now, the only point I think may be affecting this that the page says that on the site "A working wifi connection that you've tried with homebrew software". Well, I wouldn't know where to start with homebrew that uses wifi! I'm not that interested in it either - I JUST want to enable the connection for the DS to my PC. I've followed all of his configuration instructions to the letter, so the problem MUST be to do with somehow needing to configure wifi on another app first.

    Can someone PLEASE help me? :'(
  2. Sp33der

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    May 31, 2008
    you need a WiFi connection to enable the connection.

    Meaning something like wireless internet or the Nintendo Wifi USB connector as a softap
  3. SG

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    Mar 29, 2007
    Bristol, UK

    I know that - I use 2 other DSes for wifi gaming here at home.

    The guide says that the DS needs to have already been tested with a homebrew app that uses wifi. So I need any old app to use on it to test it. THEN, I can go ahead and try.
  4. evoo1

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    Jul 25, 2008
    Configure your DS to work with your WiFi connection via Mario Kart DS. If it works there, it will work with any homebrew [​IMG]
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    From Where???
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    Bad idea. The official DS wifi library is more compatible and less picky than the homebrew library. It usually always works the other way around though (if it works with homebrew it'll work with official games). The best app to test with is DSOrganize (preferrably the "birthday" release as the 3.2 release is buggy). DSO will let you write to the firmware as if it was an official game setting wifi settings, and many homebrew apps use the firmware data to connect.