WiFi dongles - questions/reccomendations

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    Well i'm interested in getting a wifi dongle to use with my ds, such as the official nintendo one.

    But i know homebrew is unable to use it without modifying the software etc, which i'm not so keen on doing.

    So what i ask is, will most dongles of other brands work with homebrew? EDIT: i just read this topic http://forum.gbadev.org/viewtopic.php?t=7912 and it says
    but i don't understand whether there is no devices already working listed or if those listed are already working (as they have mirrors which i believe are the modified drivers)

    Does anyone have any Brand/Model reccomendations? i don't mind online as long as shipping to melbourne, australia is fine, ALTHOUGH it would be preferable/ a bonus if it was available in stores in my city (or major dept stores etc).

    Any Advice would be much appreciated [​IMG]
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