Why wont New Super Mario Bros install on my new HardDrive?????

Discussion in 'Wii - Backup Loaders' started by sfulla31, Sep 10, 2010.

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    I first hacked my wii nearly 12 months ago now and i was loading my games via a seagate 250gb usb drive. I had approx 120 games on it and eventually I decided I needed a bigger usb drive so around 6 months i got myself a 500gb verbatim. I cloned the drive via wbfs and everything was great but as this drive was full (208 games) I again decided to "upgrade" & just yesterday I bought a 1TB Hitachi XL1000 usb. I again left the drives to clone overnight (via wbfs) and this morning when i looked on my pc I saw that it had copied 206 games so i checked and saw that new super mario bros and big bass fishing were the missing ones. Ive spent all day trying to copy them on to the drive but i keep getting the message that they are already on the drive which they are not. i then extracted new super mario bros to my desktop and then loaded it like that and was pleased when it appeared to install, however when i looked again the game i extracted as nsmb from the verbatim had copied onto the hitachi as big bass fishing!!! ITS DOING MY HEAD IN...ANY SUGGESTIONS?
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    All I can think of is to try using Wii Backup Manager.
    If that doesn't work, move your games back over, reformat your HDD, and try transferring said two games first.

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