Why Some Ntsc Games Are Multi On Pal Wii And Not O

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    EDIT: sorry my title is too long, I did a copy and paste from another forum and forgot to check if title was fitting here...

    so TITLE is:

    "Why Some Ntsc Games Are Multi On Pal Wii And Not On Ntsc Wii??"

    Hi there!

    I live in Quebec Canada and i'am french. So for me it's way easier to play games in french.

    I got an issue with a couple of games, exemple: Metroid Prime 3. The NTSC version is working only in ENGLISH on NTSC console even if french language is set in the wii options, but if you play the NTSC game in a PAL console you have the french option!
    This is not the only game like that and this get confusing because even on my wii OFFline list they show release from US in multi, but in fact it's MUTLI on PAL console, but not on NTSC console, so I can't follow this list to know wich US release is in french or not!!

    So my question is... Is there a way to bypass this?? Is there a way to make the NTSC console to act like a PAL console, or make the game think it's a PAL console to have the french activated?

    It seem that a lot of NTSC games have the MULTI include, but it's always desactivated for NTSC wii user, maybe to avoid paying fees for translation?!?

    So if you have any clue let me know!

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    The languages are built into the game, not the system. All the system does is tell the game your preference and if the game has that language, it will default to it. But most US games are only in English.
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    Aug 31, 2007
    But my default language is set to french in my wii and Metroid has french, but not when I put it in my wii It still play only in english, but PAL wii with the same Metroid NTSC game have the french...

    So it seams that the game look if it's a NTSC or PAL console and if it's pal it let french go, but if it'S a NTSC wii it doesn't...
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    Another good thing about Europe! [​IMG]