Why Should I Get Flashcard X Over Flashcard Y?

Discussion in 'NDS - Flashcarts and Accessories' started by Simsoy, Oct 16, 2013.

  1. Simsoy

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    Old questions, yes, "what flashcard should I buy?". So with Pokemon X&Y out I updated. And now I need a new flashcard. For the past two I've gotten ACE3DS, regardless of how crappy of a company they might be releasing a new piece of hardware for every software update to force you to buy a new one, I've enjoyed their flashcards. They are cheap too, so it helps that I can go though 4 updates at the price of one more expensive flashcard.

    But, Supercard is starting to look good. So my question is this, is there any reason why I should buy the Supercard DSTwo over the ACE3DS plus? I don't know to much about the Supercard other than for the fact that it's $40 and can also emulate GBA games with it's extra power.

    Is the DSTwo worth the upgrade, especially if I'm not really going to buy any new 3DS games for a long time?
  2. Lilith Valentine

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    There is pretty much a thread already made for this

    You should buy the DSTwo because it uses an on-board CPU and RAM allowing it always update past the 3DS updates, meaning it can always be updated, unlike the ACE3DS which uses a hacked version of Wood R4 and is a cheap crap clone, which can easily be blocked and most likely stay blocked meaning you need to buy a new card for that update. Not to mention the DSTwo can emulate GBA and SNES games, their not perfect emulations, but they are damn good for a flashcard. It is worth the 40$ extra.
    Not to mention buying one from nds-card.com helps support the Temp! :mthr:
  3. Another World

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    There is one really good reason, the SCDS2 isn't a shitty unsupported clone, much like the "Ace3ds".

    -another world
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