Why oh why HBC wont read my FAT32 partition?

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  1. cacildo

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    I cant seem to find the answer to that!!!

    - 320gb HDD

    - 300GB WBFS - 20GB FAT32

    - FAT partition formated as primary

    - WBFS partition works fine with WiiFlow

    - Homebrew Channel 0.7 (or 1.0.7.... you know, the new one, with dark background)

    - Homebrew channel just wont read the FAT partition

    - WiiMC also cant seem to find that damn FAT partition.

    What´s the problem?
  2. PsyBlade

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    Try swapping the partition order.
    If you are familiar with Linux I can show you how to do it without copying all the data.
  3. Nurvus

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    Jun 28, 2010
    PsyBlade's suggestion about partition order (FAT partition should be first) is a good place to start. [​IMG] Also, make sure your partition is set as active.

    Other than that, your enclosure may not be compatible with HBC. I had the same issue: WiiFlow worked with WBFS, SOME apps worked with FAT, but not HBC. I would check to see if Snes9x GX can see your partition. I've never used WiiMC, but I do know I could load ROMs from the FAT32 partition while HBC wouldn't recognize it. I bought a new enclosure and everything loads fine from the HDD now, but the SD card is frustratingly faster for loading apps. [​IMG]