Gaming why is this happing? Nintendo Wi-FI conection HELp? why is this happing? REAL VER.


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Mar 28, 2018
If it's the message "invalid settings" or something like that, this means you did not provide a correct WEP key:

A 40 bit key with 5 ASCII-chars. It can be converted to 10 hexadecimal values.
A 104 bit Key with 13 ASCII-chars. It can be converted to 26 hexadecimal values.

ASCII-char = 1 byte = 8 bit → 5*8=40; 13*8=104
Hex-value = ½ byte = 1 nibble = 4 bit. → 10*4=40; 26*4=104

Some devices allow a password of arbitrary length similar to the PSK in modern WPA(2). This password is somehow converted to the hexadecimal key (md5-like hash or something). I could not get this to work. Even with a second computer. [But… why should someone want to use it on a computer? WEP is – as we all should know by now – insecure and basically useless.]

The DS accepts the key both, in hexadecimal form, and as ASCII-chars – but it shows 32 input fields. While Wikipedia claims that 24 bit are used as an “initialization vector”. So why is it called WEP-128 but WEP-40? Why does the DS have 32 (=128Bit with hex-values) input fields? It even accepts a key with 32 Hex-values (or 16 ASCII-chars). No idea.

But I got the DS successfully connected (to a test hotspot on a live Ubuntu) with every other option:
5/13 ASCII and 10/26 Hex

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