Why has Nintendo not blocked homebrew yet?

Discussion in 'Wii U - Homebrew' started by Quantumcat, Mar 4, 2017.

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    it seems obvious with the release of BotW, they could release a system update that blocked elf loading from both Haxchi and the browser. Then, have the BotW disks require a game update to start (this gives them time between manufacture and release day to actually program the game update and the system update - and they did this), and have the system & game updates drop on launch day, so everyone has to update to play BotW. My prediction is 80% of the Wii Us (that are working and being used) are going to be used to play BotW. Anyone that isn't planning to get a Switch is likely to want to play it, and most people getting a Switch are going to sell their Wii U to fund the purchase, and whoever buys it is probably going to want to play it. A large fraction of current pirates would be keen enough to play it to just drop any additional piracy (besides those installed with the Brazilian method) rather than wait for an update from the community. And if they could work in some AP to the game (maybe in conjunction with the system update) that would prevent people from installing it with the Brazilian method before they update the system, that would boost sales a bit. I know piracy is usually only a tiny fraction of users of a system, but since piracy had been available on the latest version for a while now, there would be a greater percentage than in other systems. Since the 3DS had piracy available on the latest version (since January) like every 3 ads on Gumtree (an online classifieds website) for 3DS consoles are an ad for hacking services or selling an a9lh console. Whereas previously, I only saw one maybe once a fortnight.

    Does anyone else find it strange Nintendo didn't try a tiny bit harder? Is it too hard to block the browser/Haxchi so they're not bothering? They managed to block it a few times for example 5.4.0 after we had it on 5.3.2. And it seems like they were all prepared for it, having the game know to look for an update before it could be played.
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    At this point, I think they may consider extra R&D into blocking it to be money flushed down the toilet, as it's for a console that they've basically abandoned (many retailers don't sell the hardware new anymore). More specifically in my book, they probably don't consider it worth the effort, simply because many people are in fact swapping out their wii-u's in favor of the switch, and because BotW is likely Nintendo's last major game for the Wii-U.
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    Breath of the Wild has been in development for the WiiU for some time now. Rather than throw the money away and cancel it, it seems best to continue the release. As for them giving up? It's not surprising.. The Switch is out.. and their attempts, for the most part, have been thwarted. Why bother throwing money into a forever draining pool? Let's be real here..
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    Every update has a risk of having unexpected problems. There are also what a company considers 'acceptable casualties', where a customer wasn't doing anything wrong but the console died during the update.

    It would be a bad decision for Nintendo to take that risk at the same time as they release a highly anticipated game and a new console. Were something to go wrong, people could easily see the game release as bait for the update, and the update as a planned console killer to force people toward the Switch. Apple survives those accusations (usually by claiming that that impairment to older devices is only a side-effect of OS progress.) I'm not sure Nintendo can weather a storm like that, and they don't have the side-effect excuse.
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    at the moment, i just feel like they dont care anymore (nor should they)
    it would be pointless to add security for a dying system they've just replaced, let alone just for its last first-party game.

    it would be much more beneficial to send that money to the switches development, and squash exploits before any critical ones are found.
  6. pedro702

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    Mar 3, 2014
    the thing is they cant now if you have haxchi or cbhc installed they cant uninstall your games sure they could patch the webkit exploit but haxchi and cbhc cant be patched at all, since they cant unistall your titles and removing all ds games from the eshop to prevent future hacking would just make them loose money since hackers are actualy paying them to hack lol.

    Also the wiiu is now dead, nintendo stated they wont release anymore games at all for it so why bother? it would be money sent out of the window they are focusing on the switch now and its where they should since wiiu failed and leaving more vulnerabilities might make some people buy the wiiu to hack it buying them a ds vc even so its a win win :P.
  7. Lilith Valentine

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    I don't think the Big N gives a shit about the Wii U. The only reason BoW was released on the Wii U was most likely in an attempt to get more sales on the game. Chances are if they delayed it again, they would have dropped the Wii U support.
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    Do we have to answer this every week ? Plz could you remember the Wii 4.3 thank you.
    But if you don't, here a reminder, Q1 2011, nintendo release Wii 4.3, plan to release Zelda Skyuward Sword end of 2011, they release Zelda, boom, no update in between, because they don't care about their dead systems... 5.5.1 is the new 4.3, end of it.
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  9. rikumax25!

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    At this point the console is not sustainable, having dropped first-party support + no updates since a long time, means they're practically leaving it to die on the corner with no mercy
  10. olimar718

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    Mar 5, 2017
    Well, if indeed there is no more update that is the greatest "new" ever.

    BARNWEY Legen-wait for it-dary

    Oct 11, 2016
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    Nintendo is Apathetic AF towards the Wii-U, they only care for their more successful consoles (3DS and Switch) now....
  12. Zarklord

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    w0w i didn't know someone could be so ignorant. yes they can patch the webkit. but they can also just as easily patch haxchi/cbhc. FIX94 already specifically stated that to make haxchi(not cbhc but it would also apply to this) compatible with older fw's would require a complete code rewrite, more than likely they would patch this just patching the other exploits on the console.
  13. linuxares

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    Aug 5, 2007
    It will cost them to much money to even bother with this dead hardware. They rather let it wither away than continue doing anything on it.
  14. QuarkTheAwesome

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    It is worth noting that releasing even a tiny VC update (change a logo, fix some grammar, Stability(tm) etc.) would overwrite Haxchi and catch out a lot of users without blockers running, leaving them in an awkward situation. By the way, the current IOSU exploits rely on what amounts to a few characters on Nintendo's side. Update overhead aside, patching is a literal two-minute job that would set all of us back around a year.
  15. depaul

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    May 21, 2014
    So if Nintendo release a suddent update our WiiU might be screwed for good. I'd better block updates then ..
  16. Jao Chu

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    You can't revive something that's already dead, even with a firmware update.
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    i'm hoping they did give up. if this is like wii 4.3, that is fine with me. i checked gamefaqs the other day to see what (if any) games were planned for release...there are like 2 titles. not sure why they are even going through april but whatever.

    Blue-Collar Astronaut
    Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3

    the wii u will cease to be alive and kicking online by this time next year - guaranteed. they will lower the cost of the switch to justify (249.99 in march 2018) and offer like 6 months free online service bundled, maybe even a pack in game (Super Mario Maker Switch anyone?).

    so at this point there is quite honestly no need for a system update to patch any flaws, every game that was to be sold has been sold. every piece of hardware that was manufactured to be sold is out in the wild. game over man, game over.
  18. Reecey

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    @Quantumcat to answer your question in simple terms, my cat told me this by the way with her new glasses on and I trust her source! Nintendo has lost interest in the wiiu so there is no point spending more money on it to block 1 first party title out, you can't really buy new units from retailers anymore and all second hand units cant really be bought anyway so its only going out to the small percentage that are pirating the wiiu so ZBOTW on the wiiu is a small drop in the ocean to Nintendo Co. compared to the buckets & buckets of money Nintendo will make out the game as a whole! Trust me Nintendo are not worried with the new Zelda game and the Switch selling, I'm sure its just a case off, brush off the old shoulders job for Ninti and the wiiu!
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  19. AshleyCummings

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    I think its good Nintendo hasn't Blocked it nor tried ..I hope they just go on to the Switch leave the WiiU alone, that gives the ones who own a WiiU (and are homebrewed) breathing room I say we still gotta keep a eye and keep our blocks on at least for maybe the rest of 2017 there are games still coming they could drop one last bomb on us, but after that it be smooth sailing the system is ours to play with heck WiiU and VWii can be hacked no disc that means every Wii/Wiiware/WiiU/WiiUware plus homebrew on both sides emulators on the VWii side make this a pretty fun system to have especially if you can grab one cheap .. That and 2 USB's to hold WiiU and VWii games and a SD card big enough to transfer games to the WiiU ..

    I kinda Hope Nintendo Gave up ...
    they throw more updates out at the 3DS then any system I have seen ...
    3ds more stable then a horse ..
    most people that are homebrewed there are on A9HL/Luma so updates are not as scary as long as you keep a eye on the scene ..
  20. depaul

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    May 21, 2014
    I don't know why you people use this logic: "Just kill it".. the Wii U is alive it has a solid base of 12 millions owners (more than PS Vita).
    Piracy isn't a reason to kill a console PS3, 3DS suffer from piracy yet they're still alive.

    Stop hating that console.