Why Does Rune Factory 4 Let You Talk To Dragons?

Discussion in 'User Submitted News' started by CamulaHikari, Oct 25, 2011.

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    As part of the talk where he told us about Dragon Marked for Death , we also asked Marvelous AQL’s Yoshifumi Hashimoto a question or two about Rune Factory 4, which he’s overseeing, just like the previous games. First question: why change the dating system now?

    Unlike the previous games, Rune Factory 4 allows you to be lovers with a bachelor or bachelorette for a while before you take the big step into marriage. This arose out of Hashimoto feeling that jumping right into marriage was “too sudden”.

    “In previous Rune Factories and Harvest Moon as well, you go immediately from being friends to being married,” Hashimoto replied. “Everyone one has a different opinion of marriage and I felt it was a little bit too sudden. Instead of having that sudden break, we put a dating period within the game that way you can get to know a lot of lovely ladies and decide to who you want to be with.”

    The other addition to Rune Factory 4 is the ability to talk to dragons. This is significant enough that a dragon is part of the game’s logo. Why can you communicate with them?

    Hashimoto’s reply: “In Rune Factory, you’re living in a fantasy world; not just a hero in a fantasy world. Up until now you were able to fight monsters and make friends with monsters. In Rune Factory 4, you can talk to these very important dragons. The idea is to feel like your life is in a fantasy world, not just to kill monsters. Monsters are living in the world as well and you’re living with them.”

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  2. Bladexdsl

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    you can do this in tides too...eventually :P
  3. Skelletonike

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    Seems interesting, Rune Factory is one of my fave series that came out for the DS, I'm definatly gonna get this one once it comes out for the 3DS. =3
    I have yet to find a screenshot that has dragons on it tho. xP
  4. Ron

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    Ok then. I haven't tried the Rune Factory games that much, but maybe I'll try this for a bit.
  5. Valwin

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    there a rune factory 4 ? for 3DS damn i wanted it for ds >:|
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