Why can't I find anywhere one simple guide on creating backups of DLC from PSN?

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    Sep 15, 2018

    This is just simply pissing me off because i've spent 2 days searching for ways to backup my DLC from my PSN account but haven't been able to find a single guide. Only how to install em or how to convert from rif to rap and so on.
    I have some DLC for a game on my PSN account and i have it downloaded on my PS3 and all i'd like to do is create a pkg and rap file out of it to be able to use it again and then leave my psn account alone. Sure i could search online if someone else has it but I try not to get stuff the damn pirated way and it really amazes me and pisses me off to my core at the same time to see 500 guides on how to install other peoples rap and pkg files when i search for ways to create my own.

    I have the game and all the DLC on my PSN account and have it installed on my ps3, now id like to be able to reinstall it on a offline non psn account and remove my psn account from my ps3 to not risk it getting banned later.
    I know how to get the official pkg files from psn to get them downloaded to my pc with the javascript thingy. All i need is a way to create the rap files. Just a basic guide on making DLC backups in general. But i can't find it...

    Could anybody with any knowledge about this please lend me a hand with this?
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    You need to create the .rap file using the account act.dat and .rif files associated with the package you wish to generate.

    These files are located in the paths below (with xxxxxxxx being the associated account number)
    Along with those files you will need an IDPS dump - there's a multitude of guides on how to create one.

    After obtaining those you can use this tool to generate .rap files (it should be entirely self explanatory)
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    you also need the idps. ;) there are many ways to obtain that.
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    Sep 15, 2018
    Thank you so much! There are so many different guides to different things that it's basically confusing just trying to figure out what is what. That simple bit of information is what i needed!

    EDIT: I've successfully created the rap files and have my packages downloaded from my psn account. Thanks again.
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