Why are flashcarts not directly sold by their creators?

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    May 23, 2015
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    It seems that flashcarts are only resold by various vendors and not by the team who produces them. This often leads to suspicious websites selling products that may or may not work. Do they not sell directly from their website due to legal issues?
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    yes, flashcart "factories" (more like workshops) are very secretive and it would be risky to get such exposure
    also, a factory and a store are two different jobs/industries, you can be good at producing something but terrible at selling it...
    for example you'll often find that no one at a chinese factory speaks even a basic english, so you can't really expect to be selling stuff to foreign customers worldwide
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    when you manufacter suff you want to sell it in bulk... you can't waste resources sending 1 or 2 cards to 1000 people.. you must put 1000 cards in a box and send each box to 4-5 people

    the card creators make the product, the store orders 1000 units of that product, they make the deal,
    then the "creators" have enough money to continue manufacter and use it to make more stock and worry about manufacturing fixing stuff, make sure the product is good etc...
    while the shops are in charge of handling and sell them to you...

    numbers are examples. not real, and probably not accurate.
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