Who to vote for the 2016 election.

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    Its already November and the 2016 elections are coming up. One of the important questions in American minds is who should we vote for. Sure we can vote for that Donald or Clinton person, but who should we really vote for. We can vote for returning contender "Mickey Mouse" who keeps being the popular write-in in years. We can also vote for other popular candidates like "Harambe", "Chuck Norris", or "DeezNuts" who got a noticeable amount of votes in the earlier primaries. For those who don't know, in most U.S voting countries, people are allowed to vote for some one who isn't a primary election candidate and most of the times a fictional character is voted for as a write-in candidate. Since I don't care for none of the current candidates (and since my state is choosing democratic, so no trump) I want to chose a write-in character for the election to write-in as a protest vote. Can anyone give a good suggestion on who to vote for the upcoming 2016 election.

    P.S some people might think I'm making this thread as a joke but I'm actually telling truths here.
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    no, but ill vote in 2017 (city) 2018(province) 2019(country)

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    as for your topic, i would vote for chuck shurley
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    Two words :

    Warning: Spoilers inside!
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