1. Xuphor

    OP Xuphor I have lied to all of you. I am deeply sorry.

    Jul 14, 2007
    United States
    Note: I have not played White Knight Chronicles 1 nor the original Dragon's Dogma, but also note that both WKC2 and DD-DA contain their original versions of the games with them (WKC 2 contains the full remastered WKC in it, and DD-DA contains the full DD in it.)

    In short: I already got both of them as gifts, but I really don't know which of those 2 to go for. I'll only be able to finish one of them before I won't be able to play my PS3 anymore, as they are both pretty damn long (both are easily over 100 hours) from what I'm reading.

    So which do ya'll think I should go for? I'd perfer people that have played both WKC 2 (not WKC 1, as WKC 2 supposedly significantly improved off 1's combat system, hence the "remastered" WKC 1 included with it), and Dragon's Dogma (either version, they essentially are the same minus the new island in DA).

    Also: I'm aware that WKC servers are no longer in service. I never intended to play it online/multiplayer though, so that doesn't effect/hamper me at all.
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